TRE: Salomon 2024 Line Up – Tuned for runners

Salomon have been a big force in trail races in 2023. However, their road line has been less celebrated. Will the Salomon 2024 line up change that?

Salomon – Born in the mountains

Since 1947 Salomon have been looking to balance performance with a deep understanding of nature. From their home in the French Alps, the company has helped their athletes unleash the best versions of themselves on the roads and trails alike. From 2002 they have worked with athletes to deliver cutting edge running technology which has seen them become a firm fixture on the trail scene. 

Salomon S/Lab Spectur

The Salomon Spectur is a new shoe for 2024. It is designed for the “average” marathon runner. Although we all know average people don’t run marathons, 96% of those who do are in the 3 hour 30 plus range. The Spectur in the Salomon 2024 line up is a shoe for the masses. Tuned for pace and comfort. Read a more in depth preview here.


Stack height of 38.5mm in the heel and 30.5 in the forefoot for an 8mm drop

$250/€220 release price.

Peba and Energy+ midsole mix.

Carbon fibre plated.

235g/8.3oz sample weight


None! It is all new for this year!

Salomon 2024 S_Lab Spectur
Salomon Genesis

Salomon Genesis Aero

The pros and those who aspire to run with them have been taking on the trails in the S/Lab Genesis. This is the little sister shoe. A more accessible version of the S/Lab Genesis. Whatever the distance or terrain, the Genesis Aero is good to go.


Energy Foam midsole

Active Chassis technology for stability

Matryx upper for lockdown and breathability

30mm in the heel and 22 in the forefoot for an 8mm drop.

3mm wider than the S/Lab version for more stability.

280g/9.8oz sample weight

$160/€160 release price

Release date 1st January 2024


Not this year. It is all new!

Salomon 2024 Genesis GTX

The GoreTex version of the Genesis Aero. Built for comfort, stability and durability alongside weather protection. 


As above but built with a wider last to avoid snugness of fit with the GoreTex upper.

300g/10.6oz sample weight.

€180/$180 release price

Release date of July 2024


None! It is a brand new shoe!

Salomon Genesis GTX
Salomon DRX Defy

Salomon DRX Defy

A gravel and light trail version of the DRX Bliss 2. 


Active Chassis Technology

Small lugs on a new outsole to aid off road grip.

235g/8.28oz sample weight

Release date: August 1st 2024


A fun option for people who like a bit of stability but also like to get off the tarmac. Basically the same shoe as the DRX Bliss but with a new outsole to keep you stuck to the trails

Salomon 2024 DRX Bliss 2

The follow up to Salomon’s max cushion stability shoe. The Active Chassis technology returns. Read our review of the original.


Similar to last years model.


It looks to be a minor refinement to the fairly recently released model. As we find out more, we will let you know!

Salomon DRX Bliss 2
Salomon Aero Volt 2

Salomon Aero Volt 2

Salomon’s summer wild-child. A highly breathable, super lightweight and breathable shoe which can take you through a range of runs from easy to uptempo and intervals. A shoe I wish I’d tried last year.




We will update you when we have the information.

Salomon Aero Glide 2

The second iteration of Salomon’s max cushioned daily for easy miles and cruising. Thick stacks of Energy Foam sock up the miles and keep you feeling fresh. Here is our review of the first version.


Stack height of 37.4mm in the heel and 27.4mm in the forefoot for a 10mm drop.

New upper.

Release date: Spring/Summer 2024

Release price: $160


Just the upper by the looks of things. It is a shame that there is no change to the outsole as that was probably the weakest point of the first version for me.

Salomon 2024 Aero Glide 2
Salomon Aero Blaze 2

Salomon 2024 Aero Blaze 2

Salomon’s Pegasus. Versatile, comfortable and durable. Designed to be soft enough for easy days but with enough bounce and responsiveness to take you through workouts too. A true every day shoe. How the original Glide and Blaze compared.


New upper

Sample weight 231g/8.14oz

Release price: €140/$140


Seemingly only an upper change to this iteration of the Salomon 2024 workhorse.



45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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