Nike Zegama Trail 2 Review: Outsole Drama Solved?

A thick stack of ZoomX and a Vibram Megagrip outsole. This must be the perfect trail shoe? Let's see what Silke thinks.

Nike Zegama Trail 2: Dr Frankenstein Would Be Proud!

Nike and the trails is a long story. It started with two models (Wildhorse and Terra Kiger) more than ten years ago, the overall performance was decent on not too technical terrain. Yet lots of trail runners complained about the lack of a grippy outsole especially in wet conditions.


With the arrival of the Zegama two years ago, they introduced their top foam ZoomX to create a highly cushioned trail shoe for long runs and ultra racing. Trail runners loved the approach, but they still missed the icing on the cake: A good outsole from the leading brand, Vibram.


In 2024 they made it, a highly cushioned trail shoe equipped with Vibram Megagrip. Is the Zegama Trail 2 the chosen one or does it turn out like a creature of Dr. Frankenstein? Find out in my review!

Nike Zegama 2 (8 of 10)


Weight: Approx. 264 g/9.3 oz (Women’s US 8)

Men’s: 36mm (Heel) / 32mm (Forefoot), 

Women’s: 35mm (Heel) / 31mm (Forefoot)

Heel-to-toe drop: 4 mm, 

Lug depth: 4mm

Price: $ 180 | €180

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Nike Zegama Trail 2 Upper: Will It Last The Long Run?

My initial step into the Zegama Trail 2 was tricky and needed some assistance from the heel tab. After a few runs, the material had softened up and it was easier to step in. You should notice that Nike have widened the toebox. It is now roomy enough for longer runs and lengthwise everything is right with the size. The upper is made of a double layer of breathable engineered mesh. 


To me, the lacing system seems a bit over constructed and a simpler design would save weight. Moreover, the tongue has the ideal amount of padding. Whilst  in the back there is a bumper pad around the heel to keep your foot secure.Overall, I would say  the use of the gaiter/ bootie construction gives me a secure feeling even on uneven terrain. 


Now with the approach of having created a trail shoe for highly technical terrain a real toe bumper should be obvious. Sadly, there is none. Around the toe area there is just a coating that doesn’t even prevent your toes from getting wet when running through grass. But don’t worry about wet feet, the upper dries quickly so you should not have issues with that for long. Although the use of this soft upper might be the right choice for a road shoe I am not fully convinced that it will stand the test of time.  The upper has to resist sharp rocks and blackberry hedges. Nike’s competitors come with uppers made of Matryx, a highly resistant super breathable synthetic material built to last.


A nice feature is the bootie construction that Nike calls an ankle gaiter. It keeps out a lot of debris, but it does not wrap your foot entirely. Using an extra gaiter could be useful under certain circumstances.To conclude the fit, once your foot is in place it feels secure and safe to run!

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Midsole: All Day Comfort

If you have tried a Nike ZoomX model, you might expect something similar from a trail shoe with a ZoomX midsole. Thankfully,  the Zegama Trail 2 delivers it. The superfoam is placed in a firmer more durable carrier providing better stability and underfoot cushioning. Even though it is not entirely ZoomX , the squishiness of the midsole makes running in the Zegama Trail 2 very joyful.  It should be said that the stack height of 35mm/36mm in the heel is noticeable. When I ran with a more pronounced heel strike, the shoe became much more unstable. However I am usually a midfoot striker and I would say that my ankles are strong enough to compensate for the instability. 


To summarise the Zegama Trail 2 offers a squishy and smooth ride on undulating trails and it easily gets you up on your toes for the uphill sections of a run.

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Nike Zegama Trail 2 Outsole: The Missing Ingredient

Just the name Vibram Megagrip should be enough to be said. The  Zegama Trail 2 outsole is made with a diverse lug pattern coupled with wide spacing. Could it have been done better? Maybe a bit too much exposed foam where lugs could be more helpful. Going for a 4.5-5 mm lug pattern and a rock plate to protect from sharp stones and roots would be the icing on the cake. 

Nike Zegama 2 (10 of 10)

Nike Zegama Trail 2 Conclusion: Living The ZoomX Dream

It took Nike a long time to realise that accepting help for their outsole problem is no sign of weakness. Whilst it may not be the one and only highly cushioned trail shoe on the market, it also didn’t turn out to be Frankenstein’s creature. 


In the meantime, other companies have done their homework too. Therefore, in 2024 we have many running brands that present highly cushioned trail models with grippy outsoles.  For example, the Salomon Genesis, Saucony Xodus Ultra, and while plated, Hoka Tecton X


Why should you invest €180 for the Zegama Trail 2? 


Because ZoomX simply feels so good under your feet. You will want to run longer and longer. Even on hard ground, it is a smooth and oh so comfortable ride. Now with a wider toe box and an outsole suited for highly technical terrain the Zegama Trail 2 has to stand the contest to itself. Will the midsole and the upper hold up as long as the outsole?


50 years old

167cm (5’4″) – 55kg (121lbs)

Midfoot strike 


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