TRE: New Balance 2024 Line Up – Faster, higher, thicker!

New Balance 2024 line up looks to push the competitive element of their road line. The SC Elite is sure to be a highlight on many runners wishlists!

New Balance – Pushing personal bests

The driving force behind New Balance is helping athletes from the elite to people taking their first steps into movement reach their goals. Firm favourites like the Rebel return for a fourth version. The SC Elite v4 hits the streets looking to keep the race shoe improvements going. Furthermore, the SC Pacer, an entry into the newly minted 5/10k market gets a radical overhaul for a new year.


Let’s see how the New Balance 2024 line up looks in a little more detail.

New Balance 880 v14

New Balance’s traditional daily shoe is back for a 14th version. The durable and dependable option caters for a wide range of runners from beginners to seasoned vets who want a shoe to take them from running, walking to the shops and beyond. Incremental changes are usually the order of the day here.


Stack height of 29mm in the heel and 21 in the forefoot for an 8mm drop

$140 release price.

Release date: March 2024


From the specs, it looks like the v14 has lost a couple of mm of drop from the prior version. 

New Balance 880v14
New Balance More v5

New Balance 2024 More V5

Super cushioned Fresh Foam X to soothe the legs though your easy miles. Alongside this, The More range offers a plush but stable ride as you go.


New Balance’s sample weight: 11.3oz/2

$155 release price.

Release date of August 2024


A small weight gain from the v4. 

New Balance 2024 Fresh Foam Balos 

Taking a step up in plushness and price from the 1080 v13, the Balos is a new entry into New Balance’s line up. A shoe for uptempo training and cushioned daily running, the Balos features a Peba blend of Fresh Foam to enhance comfort and bounce. Alongside this, New Balance have equipped the Balos with a monster rocker to help roll through every step. Read a bit more detail here!


Stack height of 33mm in the heel and 27mm in the forefoot for a 6mm drop.

Peba blend Fresh Foam

Weight: 9.2oz/261g

Plateless supertrainer.

$200 release price.

Release date: August 2024


None! It is a brand new shoe!

New Balance Balos shoe of the year 2023
New Balance SC Elite v4

New Balance SC Elite v4

New Balance’s top marathon model has undergone a few radical changes since the first version. This continues with the v4. Has it caught up to the top tier marathon shoes?


Weight: 10% less than the v3

100% Peba midsole – first for New Balance

Redesigned geometry

$250 release price.

Release date: 1st February 2024


The rippled carbon plate allowed the designers to shave weight while maintaining stiffness. Phantom Fit upper to ensure lockdown is on point to allow all power to be transferred through the road.

New Balance 2024 SC Pacer v2

For the 5k to half marathon, the Pacer is a low stack, carbon plated super shoe with a snappy feel. The v2 has been totally redesigned with input from Emily Sisson.


Stack height: 32.8mm in the heel and 24.8mm in the forefoot for an 8mm drop.

100% Peba midsole

Carbon fibre plate

Single layer, lightweight mesh upper

Release price: $200

Release date: Back Half 2024


The whole shoe! Its an entirely different beast to its predecessor. 

New Balance SC Pacer v2
New Balance MD-X

New Balance MD-X v3

One of the fastest shoes in the New Balance stable. The MD-X is designed for middle distances on the track.


100% Peba midsole

Release date: Back half of 2024

Release price: $160


The previous version of the MD-X had fixed spikes. The v3 comes with removable spikes to allow for replacement and change.

New Balance SC Trainer v3

The pinnacle of your marathon training rotation. A less aggressive version of the SC Elite for daily running. Designed to give the same propulsion and energy return but in a more friendly fashion.


Stack height of 40mm in the heel and 34mm in the forefoot for a 6mm drop.

Peba blend FuelCell

$180 release price.

Release date: Second half of 2024


A change in midsole blend from 100% EVA to a Peba blend. The carbon fibre plate loses 30g while still maintaining optimum stiffness. A much changed midsole aesthetic and geometry. 

New Balance SC Trainer v3


45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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