New Balance Fresh Foam Balos – Ultra Premium Daily Miles

The New Balance Balos is the top line in daily luxury. Infusung Pebax into the tried and true Fresh Foam formula to make the miles float through!

New Balance Fresh Foam Balos 

The 1080 is New Balance’s go to shoe of choice. From daily miles to uptempo efforts, it can do it all. However, New Balance has upgraded the experience for 2024. Meet the New Balance Balos. The 1080’s more sophisticated sister. 

The pinnacle of training

The new top of the line New Balance Balos is the pinnacle of their Fresh Foam line up.


Designed for runners who are wanting to push the pace a little more, the Fresh Foam is infused with a Peba compound to add spring and bounce to every step. A pure runner’s shoe. Moreso, it is the super trainer of the Fresh Foam line.


Created with a new geometry along with the Peba foam, the Balos is created for a lively ride. For tempo to the church of the Sunday long run, the Balos is designed to be your companion.

A plateless supershoe

For the runner who wants all the dynamism and liveliness of ride but without the plate to allow the foot to work more naturally. However, unlike most supershoes, the Balos is designed to be a versatile beast. It will take you from your personal bests to more pedestrian paces with ease.


Moreover, the rocker is designed with a very obvious camber as can be seen from the picture. There is also a lateral rocker which will allow your foot to roll through the strike and propel you forward to your goals. To complete the paxckage, the Balos is also super soft  underfoot to keep the legs protected and fresh through all your distance. 


However, premium performance comes at a price, in this case $200 on release in August 2024.

New Balance Balos


45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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