ASICS Superblast 2 Review: Double Stacked Delight

The Japanese behemoth stole many hearts with its versatility and comfort last time out. Have ASICS kept the magic with the second iteration?

ASICS Superblast 2 Introduction:

The Ultimate Shoe?

Josh: The ASICS Superblast 2 is the ideal daily trainer for almost any runner. It comes with a stable base, perfectly balanced cushioning on the midsole and a plush supportive upper. Furthermore a low enough weight to make you wonder whether you’re wearing a super shoe. On paper, this seems like the ultimate shoe and on foot they feel amazing. But does it warrant the €220 price tag?

Superblast 2
Superblast 2


Stack height: 45mm heel to 37mm toe

Midsole drop: 8mm

Weight: 8.8oz | 250g (Unisex) 

Retail price: €220

Superblast 2
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ASICS Superblast 2 Upper:

Great Lockdown With Added Comfort

Josh: The upper of the ASICS Superblast 2 is predominantly a woven upper. Initially, this struck me as looking quite thick and plush. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The upper of the Superblast 2 is a thin single layer of engineered woven mesh, presumably done to keep the weight down and breathability high. This engineered mesh is extremely soft. I haven’t found it to be abrasive or to create any sort of hotspots on my feet when running. 


ASICS have strategically placed areas of thick padding where necessary. The majority of the padding can be found in the heel of the shoe which is where the shoe excels in my opinion. This thick layer of padding not only makes the shoes extremely comfortable but greatly improves the lockdown too. I have never had any issues with heel slipping. Moreover, I am yet to develop blisters on my achilles while running in them. (Something which I am grateful for considering they are white).


The generous toe box along with the wide base makes this a great shoe for someone looking for a more spacious fit. The gusseted tongue along with the lacing system has meant that I have been able to get a perfect fit from my first run. This was something which I was especially pleased with when using them for some speed work (more on this later).



Like A Dream

Josh: My initial thoughts of the ASICS Superblast 2 were that they were horrible. They felt extremely firm underfoot, almost like running on two slabs of wood. I instantly regretted wearing them for my easy run. The ASICS Superblast 2 features a dual-density midsole with a thin layer of FLYTEFOAM Blast Turbo+ (the same found on many of ASICS’s race day shoes) placed below a thick slab of FLYTEFOAM Blast+. 


The FF Blast Turbo+ offers that responsive cushioning of ASICS’ race day shoes. On the other hand,  the FF Blast+ offers a nice balance to this with its slightly firmer, more stable characteristics. I believe the FF Blast+ was to blame for my initial sour experience. After only a few kilometres of running to loosen up the foam and break it in, they were a dream to run in. The difference was night and day.


As a result of this wide, stable, yet surprisingly responsive and ultra lightweight midsole, I have found myself reaching for the Superblast 2 far more than any other shoe at the moment. Whether it’s an easy recovery run or a longer steady run they get the job done perfectly. Furthermore, I even used them for a speed session on the track (slightly by accident, because I didn’t bring any other shoes that day). While it did feel like they were a little out of their depth running k rep’s at 2:50 pace they handled the task well. 


I wouldn’t recommend using them everyday for speed work.  However, it is nice to know that, for the average runner, the ASICS Superblast 2 could be a great option as a do-it-all shoe. It works for anything from easy runs to local Parkruns.

Superblast 2

ASICS Superblast 2 Outsole:

Super Durable

Josh: The outsole of the ASICS Superblast 2 follows the lightweight, high quality precedent set out by the rest of the shoe. Strategically placed where it’s most needed the outsole follows the “less is more” principle. The majority of the material is found in the forefoot with some also placed towards the heel of the shoe. Having run in the Superblast 2 for roughly 300 km so far, there are some signs of wear on the outsole. That said, there is nothing that is surprising for a shoe with so much super-shoe technology. 


As for the areas of the outsole which doesn’t have any AHARPLUS outsole rubber coverage, there is no noticeable wear other than the discolouration of the foam from running on roads. Therefore, I believe that the outsole of the shoe will most likely outlast the midsole unit and is of little consequence regarding the longevity of the shoe.


Having predominantly used this shoe for dry easy runs. I can’t comment on the performance of the outsole on wet surfaces, however, when on both loose and hard surfaces I have been more than satisfied with the grip on offer.

Superblast 2
Superblast 2

ASICS Superblast 2 Conclusion:

Bringer of Excitement

Josh: My experience with the ASICS Superblast 2 started off slightly shakily. However, after an initial break-in period of around 20 km I found that they were the shoes which I grabbed most often when going for runs. They’ve also been the shoe I was most excited about wearing over the last few months. 


While the €220 price tag is definitely a hefty price, I think it is a great option to consider as a tempo/easy shoe for those who can afford it. Words which I’d use to describe the Superblast 2 include: lightweight, stable, breathable, and well cushioned. All of these add to the fact that I believe this is one of the best max-cushioned easy running shoes on the market in 2024. It is a worthy successor to the original.

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21 years old

178cm (5′ 10″) – 65kg (143lbs)

Mid/Forefoot striker – Stride runner


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