Tracksmith Session Collection

How does the Tracksmith Session collection hold up? The team put them to the test to find out.

Tracksmith Session Collection

Tracksmith is renowned for their aesthetic endeavours and drive to create premium pieces with top notch fabrics. Their Session Collection is designed to see you through your daily runs. Along with this, they are built of fabrics aimed to be both functional and pleasant to the skin. 


The Meta Endurance team received several pieces from this collection (and beyond) to put to the test this summer. Could they handle the heat or did they wither away when the temperatures soared?


Weight in Tracksmith’s sample size: 226g (8oz)


Stack: Heel 33.5mm – Toe 24.5mm (9mm drop)


MSRP: €208/$198


Tracksmith Session Shorts (Charcoal – Size Small)

I’m a big fan of Tracksmith’s Session Shorts for my all-around training needs. While I opt for half tights or ultra-light shorts for intense workouts and races, these shorts are perfect for my easy daily runs. They may not be the lightest or most breathable option, but their exceptional softness and comfort, thanks to the 4-way stretch material and chafe-free liner, make up for it.


The 5″ length strikes a perfect balance, making them suitable not only for running but also for general fitness activities or even daily wear. In that case, I just wish they had side pockets for everyday convenience.


However, for running as they are intended for, they’re spot-on with a single pocket and an extra inner pocket at the back. These shorts exude high quality, from their fit to their feel, and they also do an excellent job resisting odour. My only minor gripe is that the charcoal colour tends to reveal sweat stains after intense sessions, but this is a common issue with most colours other than the standard “boring” black option.


Tracksmith Session Tee (Dark Spruce – Size Small)


The Tracksmith Session Tee, with its relaxed fit, is an excellent choice for everyday training. The fabric is soft and pleasant against the skin. I appreciate the stretchy material that adapts seamlessly to my movements. As expected from Tracksmith, the quality of materials is top-notch. Its design is timeless and clean, featuring the signature Tracksmith logos.


While I typically wouldn’t have chosen this deep and vibrant green color, I’ve grown to appreciate it. This tee is versatile and especially suitable for spring and autumn. If I were to mention a drawback, it would be that it’s not the lightest or most breathable tee for intense summer workouts. Personally, I also prefer a wider neck opening, especially during high-intensity activities, as a snug neck can be a bit bothersome. However, it’s important to note that this tee isn’t designed as a super lightweight performance piece.

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Tracksmith Session Shorts (Navy – Size Small)

From the feel of the material, to the relaxed fit, these shorts have an abundance of quality and an extremely luxurious feel. Tracksmith’s session shorts have become my daily go-to pair of shorts for easy runs, gym sessions, and all other kinds of sports. I love wearing these shorts for their super soft, stretchy, and lightweight feel. Offering a great balance between performance shorts and comfy, do-it-all shorts.


These shorts offer two small pockets for the essentials, in my case keys, and occasionally a card. There is a pocket on the outer seam of the shorts at the rear which can be closed with a zipper. The second, smaller pocket can be found on the inner seam of the shorts at the back.


The one issue I have had with these shorts is that neither pocket is large enough to hold a phone, or any other items which I may carry around when going to the gym or walking around the house.


I do understand that these are designed to be a pair of running specific shorts, however being a pair of do-it-all sports shorts I think pockets are essential (I wore these while playing tennis and the lack of pockets for balls got quite frustrating). Pockets are definitely something I think Tracksmith should include in these shorts in the future.

Tracksmith Session Tee (Ivory – Size Small)

Before putting the top on, my initial impression was that it was going to be an extremely baggy and roomy fit. However, the super stretchy, soft, and high quality fabric makes for the perfect fitting daily mileage top. However, I would not recommend wearing this for intense sessions or races as it holds onto moisture, and ends up feeling quite heavy and bulky after extended use in sweaty or wet conditions.


The top is a great balance between a relaxed, comfortable fit and a sports top. I feel like the style and colour of this tee has more of a retro/vintage look, but I really appreciate the lack of large branding and solid, neutral colour.


Tracksmith Session Shorts (Charcoal – Size Small)

Before this summer I did not like shorts for my runs. I found they were too short for my legs and made me feel uncomfortable. But that changed and it is also because of these Tracksmith session shorts. The material is very comfy, lightweight and feels almost like silk. The fit is just right, stretchy  and I like that they are not too short. There is a pocket in the back and a drawcord to adjust the waist.


Unfortunately the pocket in the back is a bit small and suitable for tissues only. If there was a zip pocket I could  store my keys safely. But with that being the only drawback I took the Tracksmith Session shorts at least twice a week for my runs in the summer months.

Run Cannonball Run Tee (Navy – Size Small)

My first thought when I took the Cannonball T-shirt out of the box was: That must be the wrong size! This T-shirt is gender neutral and in my size small it is huge. I am 1,66m or 5”5in and Tracksmith recommends size down for a slim fit but there is no size smaller than small. The cutout for my head on the other side is very small and I really have a small head.


The material is a cotton blend and it feels more like a lifestyle T-shirt than a performance gear. I did not use this Tracksmith item to run because I don’t like the loose fit. I don’t know if the pocket on the front is of any use case but I guess it is just for a fashion reason. The material though is comfy and dries quickly.


Run Cannonball Run Shorts (Ivory – Size Medium)

When I first received the shorts, I was a bit confused by their usage. They have the look of casual shorts and they have quite a heft to them. Looking further into their role in the Tracksmith collection, I began to understand more. As the name suggests, they will see you through a run, a cooling dip and a jog back home. I’ve found them to be very versatile shorts. An ideal suitcase piece for summer holidays. Whilst they are not my favourite length for a running short, they are a lot more comfortable for the run than I thought. The material is stretchy and moves well with the legs so I never felt bound or constricted. They even have a well hidden, zippered key pocket to keep them safe while you are running or splashing around.


Aside from being running shorts, they are also very good casual shorts, the quality and colour make them very wearable around town as well as around the beach and pool. A large pocket on either side makes them ideal for phone and wallet for your daily needs. On the other hand, the ivory colour made me a little wary about wearing them as a swimming short. White and water aren’t always the best combination for someone who likes to keep their modesty.


However, once I braved the pool, I found that modesty remained intact and the shorts dried quickly and well. Whilst they will never be my first choice for a hard run or training session, they will never be far away from my summer wardrobe or suitcase thanks to the style and versatility.

Tracksmith Session Tee (Navy – Size Small)

As both Ivan and Josh mentioned above, the Session Tee is a very comfortable garment. Again, as mentioned above, it is not necessarily the high performance shirt of choice. It is comfortable to run in but does rather hold on to sweat and the weight increases as it does. That being said, it does the job as a fuss free, easy shirt to put on and run in when pace and performance aren’t the key for the day.


However, as with the Run Cannonball Run shorts, it does make a very smart and handy summer item. The single colour block and unobtrusive but stylish branding makes it a perfect shirt to wear for casual use as well as sporting activities. It spent the summer in my suitcase in a range of places from incredibly hot and humid cities to the chillier mountain climes of Chamonix. In each case, the shirt performed well and looked good while doing so. 


As ever with Tracksmith, the prices are on the premium side. Although, the same can be said for the materials and construction. I can imagine that the shirt, along with the shorts will be with me and give good service for many a summer to come.

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