The North Face Elvira collection reviewed

The North Face Elvira collection - shorts, t-shirt and shoes for the trails


This is the first time I am using the Supersapiens biosensor and my experience with it is still fairly limited. It is not a review of the device and app but just my first impressions. I am not going to dive deep into the data. Instead I will focus on my background, fueling strategy for the Chicago marathon and take a look at the data provided by the biosensor

Kiprun KD900x – Specs

Weight: Official: 221g in US9  – Actual: 251g (8.8oz) in size US11 / EU45

Stack height (forefoot/heel): 37/29mm

Durometer score (0 to 100, soft to hard): 26.1/100 for the PEBAX-based VFoam midsole compound

The platform is standard in terms of width. For specific values, please check the Shoe Comparator in which you can compare the width for the forefoot, midfoot and heel against other shoes. 

The North Face Flight VECTIV x Elvira

(Size 8). After 2 runs with this shoe, I’m pleasantly surprised by this shoe.  While I probably would not  wear it for easy or long trail runsas the ride isn’t soft enough for my liking and the fit is quite tight, I found it efficient and enjoyable but for shorter distances (~25km) or interval sessions. The midsole and plate work together well to offer enough stability and stiffness and with the snug fit thanks to the sock-like upper – I  feel comfortable for this kind of sessions. Note that I also have the feeling that the lugs and rubber work well from in terms of grip but it’s maybe a bit early to conclude on that. Regarding the size, even if it’s tight I have the feeling that the shoe is TTS.

tnf elvira collection shoe
the north face gear

The North Face Sunriser t-shirt


(Size S). It’s probably my deception out of the 3 items. While I have nothing to say about the back panel of the t-shirt I don’t really like the material and the feeling of the front panel. Moreover the colors and pattern are okay, but there is in my opinion an issue with the fit especially regarding the sleeves. I know that as a triathlete I don’t have huge biceps muscles and that most of the time I’m wearing an XS size but honestly…I could put 2 of my arms (if not 3) into these sleeves.

The North Face Stridelight short x Elvira data


(Size XS). Impressive. Honestly I didn’t expect much and it was a real pleasure to discover this piece. The short is comfortable, has plenty of pockets (even a zipped one) and I find the length perfect. My only regret is that a size S would be better for me as I’m getting a bit compressed around the waist. Therefore if you tend to hesitate between 2 sizes, I would recommend the larger one.

The north face stridelight shorts




30 years old

169cm (5’5″) – 57kg (125lbs)

Heel/Midfoot strike – Cadence runner

Moderate pronator



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