Salomon Apparel – Comfort and quality combined

Salomon pride themselves on the quality and comfort of their gear. How does their Fall/Winter collection stack up?

Salomon Apparel F/W 23


In our DRX Bliss packages, Salomon included some for fall/winter apparel for us to test. The two pieces I am reviewing today are the Salomon Sense Flow sleeveless vest and the Cross Run half tights.


I also received the above and a Salomon Cross Run long sleeved shirt which I will be adding a review for.

Salomon Sense Flow Vest (€150)


This sleeveless vest is called Sense Flow and I can already tell you that it’s a favorite of mine. The fit is rather snug. I am wearing a size small and for my 183 centimeters height and 70 kilos weight, the fit is definitely adjusted. If you’re slightly taller or bigger than I am, you should definitely go for a size medium. The vest feels close to the chest and it avoids any annoying, extra movement while running. The Sense Flow vest features a zipped pocket on the chest which can fit key, or a couple of gels.


One of the highlights of the vest is probably the very thin yet noticeable material on the inside, covering the front of the vest. This feature is called Octa insulation panels and it adds some warmth to the vest but certainly also plays a role in the windbreaker effects. It’s really impressive how this Octa technology is thin yet effective (it’s also really light and doesn’t add any extra weight to the mere 100g for the overall product). The vest isn’t cheap at 150 euros but overall, it’s really a piece of equipment I would recommend for the fall winter season as it did absolutely great for everything I have tried with it.



I agree with everything Alex has said about the technical features of this piece of Salomon apparel. However, due to the unseasonably warm weather, I haven’t had the opportunity to use it for running yet.

Being 15 degrees at 5 in the morning for the past while, I haven’t really needed any extra layers. I will update this review once I’ve had a chance to test it properly now that more autumnal weather has arrived.




Now that the weather has taken a more wintery turn, I have had a chance to get a lot of running done in the vest. It has become an instant, easy daily choice. Light enough to avoid overheating but insulated and warm enough to keep off the winter chill in runs at -3 degrees c so far. 


It sits and holds really well, no flapping or rubbing at all and works over a range of my other running shirts. I think my favourite little design detail is the tag about mid chest height which poppers each side together. When the run warms up, you can unzip the vest and the popper stops it flapping about in the wind. Tiny detail, massive impact on my enjoyment of an article of clothing. Kudos Salomon!

Salomon Sense Flow Vest
Cross Run Half Tight

Cross Run Half Tights


Now coming to the Cross Run half tights, they fit true to size. The fit reminds me a lot of the Nike Aeroswift Half tights. They are not as advanced in terms of materials compared to some other half tights like the Nike Aeroswift or the recent collab Adidas did with Rheon Labs.


But I must say that they do feel comfortable and they’re pleasant to run with. I appreciate the large pockets on the left hand side that fits a smartphone (my iPhone is 6.1 inch, which means a “Max” iPhone at 6.7inch will not fit in there I think). The €50 price tag feels a little too high for the material and technologies – I’d see this Salomon apparel around €40.


As Alex has said, these are simple but effective half tights. They fit well and are very comfortable. Since receiving them I have used them very regularly. They gave me no chafing, no discomfort and the support they provide is very good. They have become my race tights of choice over the past few weeks.


As someone who runs with a phone regularly, I can say that it will fit a larger smartphone. I manage to get my 14 Pro Max in there with relative ease. However, I would say that the pocket it slightly too high for my liking and it can cause the phone to rub against the ball of the hip if the tights are not positioned properly. That being said, this is still preferable to many of the men’s tights on sale which have no capacity for a modern phone. Women’s half and full tights all seem to have far better storage capacity than those offered to men. Sort it out, brands!

Cross Run Long Sleeve Shirt


This has become an instant favourite of mine since it arrived. The fit, unlike other Salomon shirts I have tried, is generous in the chest. I received a size S and find the fit very comfortable. The material itself is soft, not overly warm and it has offered protection on those windy days. Meanwhile, the cuffs on the shirt are large enough to roll up to the elbow once the run warms up and yet still tight enough to not become a nuisance when at full length. On days when it has been warmer, the shirt wicks sweat away well and has not led to me overheating. It has also kept me warm on cross country days in the wind while waiting for my race. It is also incredibly lightweight at 100g.


A price of £45 seems about right for a long sleeve shirt which can be used for many purposes outside of running alone. If I was going to make one change to the shirt, it would be some thumbholes in the cuff to hold everything in place. However, those being missing are not a deal breaker for me when considering all the upsides of the shirt.

Cross Run Long Sleeve
Alex Filitti Meta Circle


28 years old

183cm (6′) – 68kg (148lbs)

Mid/Forefoot striker – Stride runner

Moderate pronator




45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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