PUMA Fast-RB Preview: Breaking The Law!

With the Fast-RB, PUMA set out to answer the question: What if we ignored all the World Athletics shoe rules?

Life Beyond The Limits

The Fast-RB is the result of a design team told to go for it. First, ignore all the rules. Then, make the most performance enhancing shoe possible. Featuring more plates than most restaurants. Foams galore and an upper  designed to be as at home on the fashion runway as it is on the running roads. A shoe which makes the Fast-R look traditional and the Deviate Nitro Elite look frankly old-hat!


Initially, the first thing to notice, beyond the shape of the shoe, is the three plates used for propulsion. A pair of TPU plates closer to the ground and a carbon fibre plate which forms the chassis of the shoe. Furthermore, between these are various densities of PUMA’s NITRO ELITE foam selected and mixed together to make it the bounciest shoe PUMA has ever created.


Moreover, the midsole and plate configuration isn’t the only innovation we see. On top, the design team have created a sleek, foot hugging upper which is both fashion forward and high tech. Whilst we may not see elite athletes pinging their way to gold in World Marathon Majors, there is nothing to stop the rest of us taking the Fast-RB out to experience the pure joy of running in something so outlandish!


Also outlandish is the price, coming in at around the $400 mark, it will not be a shoe for everyone. But, it isn’t designed to be. For those who want to experience life on the wild side, keep your eyes open in August when the beast is unleashed! Will you be risking it all for the fun of the run?



45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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