Puma Fast R 2 Nitro Elite – Innovation unbound

Puma's first iterations of their less conventional super shoes blew some minds, how does the Fast R 2 keep the pace going?

Puma Fast R 2 – Make your fast, faster!

Exposed carbon plates, a split midsole and a very funky fin on the back marked the Fast R as a breed apart from other super shoes. The Fast R 2 picks up and adds even more explosiveness and punch to the run. Puma’s fastest and most innovative shoe is almost upon us! You’ll have to be as fast as the shoe itself to grab the initial Ekiden drop of only 1000 pairs on 8th December!

Everyone else will get their chance to pick up a pair of the Psychedelic Rush on February 22nd 2024.


Weight in Puma’s sample size: 240g (8.46 oz)

Stack height: 40mm heel and 32mm forefoot for an 8mm drop

MSRP: €260

Manufacturer’s expected lifespan: 250 miles/400 km

Taking down PBs with pure innovation

The Nitro Elite foam stacked to the maximum legal limit of 40mm in the heel gives you unbeatable speed from marathon to short distances and everything in between.


The Fast R 2 not only offers plenty of thick cushioning, it also offers 22% more energy storage and 46% more energy return than the first iteration. Puma’s research claims that these astonishing figures will allow the Fast R 2 to save a 2:30:00 marathon runner an average of 1 minute and 23 seconds. Furthermore, a 3:30:00 marathoner could save 2 minutes and 28 seconds on their run. PBs galore!


The next new innovation on the Fast R 2come with the PWRPLATE. Aside from being entirely exposed in the middle, the plate now extends beyond the toe. This is designed to add surface contact and guide pressure forward to propel the foot beyond toe-off. 

Puma Super
Ekiden Rush

Psychedelic lockdown

A new generation of ULTRAWEAVE upper connects your foot to the midsole. 20% lighter than the original version and lined with PWRTAPE. Streamlined and stunning, the upper will give the lockdown you need to push beyond your limits.


Holding you to the road is the tried and tested Puma Grip which will ensure that all your power is propelling you forwards. 


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Ekiden Rush

For the fastest amongst you, there is an opportunity to celebrate Japanese running culture with an ultra limited worldwide drop of 1000 pairs. Will you be carrying the iconic sash on your feet?


These pairs celebrate the 100th  running of the legendary Japaense event. You can try your luck at picking them up online and in selected Puma stores. Be fast and ready on December 8th for your chance for a pre-release pair! 



45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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