On Cloudmonster 2 Review: A More Cushioned Monster?

One of On's most popular shoes has had an update. The orignal Monster was a versatile max-cushioned beast. How has the Cloudmonster 2 changed?

On Cloudmonster 2: The Missing Link

When On released the Cloudmonster in 2022, the shoe rapidly became one of my favorites. Not only did it take the brand’s offering to another level, but it really addressed a need that I had in my personal shoe rotation back then. I needed something that suited my preferences while being able to do pretty much everything in my training. The Nike Pegasus Turbo and more recently Hoka Mach X have been excellent examples of such all-rounders, that you can pack in your suitcase for a week of holidays and do everything with. Fast forward to 2024, On brings us the Cloudmonster 2 and we were lucky enough to be among the very first to test. Here are some initial thoughts.

Cloudmonster 2-11
Cloudmonster 2-04


Weight in On’s Sample Size: 300g (EU M 42), 230g (EU W 38)

Actual weight in Alex’s size: 317g (US 10.5)

Drop: 6mm

Price: 179.99$, NOK 2.099, €189.95, GBP170.00

Release Date: February 22, 2024

On Cloudmonster 2 Upper: Refined Not Revolutionary

Alex: The two main highlights with this new upper are the new heel collar and the new lacing system. The new heel collar is much more padded and plush compared to the original Cloudmonster, which is really a good thing. The original Cloudmonster sometimes cut a bit into my Achilles after long periods wearing them, because of how thin and unpadded the heel cup was. The new heel collar is not only much more comfortable, but it also offers a better lockdown in the heel.


Furthermore, the new lacing system is nothing too fancy but it simply works well. Remember, the first Cloudmonster had that very short and angled lacing pattern. I can easily remember how it looks because of all the troubles it gave me to attach my Stryd pod to it. The new lacing system is longer with more eyelets, it is straight and centered on the upper. As far as functionality goes, it seems to work well and it offers a pleasant lacing experience. The main theme with the Cloudmonster 2 is updates that work but do not scream too much that they are updates. The upper is a perfect example of that. It all makes sense, yet if you were in love with your original Cloudmonster, you will still be familiar with everything in this new setup. 

Spacious and Supportive

Ivan: The overall design and material used in the Cloudmonster 2 impart a sense of solidity and comfort. It strikes a balance between reassuring rigidity and a manageable weight, making it feel substantial without being burdensome. The inclusion of a gusseted tongue and semi-padded, sturdy heel counter adds the needed structural support to this robust shoe.


In my usual size, I found the fit of the Cloudmonster to be generously spacious. While it accommodates foot swelling, I found myself contemplating whether going down half a size lengthwise would provide a snugger fit. The shoe’s expansive platform adds to its generous volume, which, for my feet, borders on excess. While toe splay preferences vary, I would have preferred a snugger fit in the toe area, and despite tightening the laces firmly, maintaining a secure midfoot hold also proves difficult due to some slack, particularly around the arch. The heel collar, though adequately padded, is fairly wide for my somewhat narrow heels. Additionally, the smooth interior fabric might exacerbate the issue, contributing to some heel slippage.

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Midsole: Dual Density Dream?

Alex: On claims that, thanks to a new dual density foam construction, they upgraded the cushioning experience and took this cushioning sensation to a new level. In all fairness, if you put me in the new On Cloudmonster 2 and said it was the old one, I probably would believe you. At least putting the shoes on and standing in them. The new midsole construction is not obvious until you start running. And even then, like for the upper, all the updates have been designed and implemented in a way that will satisfy the most hardcore Cloudmonster fanatics. No big departure from the original On Cloudmonster, which again is rather a good thing. What you can notice is that there is less ground feel in the forefoot and the cushioning there feels more substantial. Forefoot shock absorption is better and the slab of foam underneath your metatarsals feels denser and more compact. 


The heel feels really similar to the original shoe. Overall, the firmness level of that midsole remains in line with the original Cloudmonster. A firmer ride compared to many soft shoes that are available nowadays, but a ride that evolves nicely at faster paces. The On Cloudmonster 2 midsole does not return much energy but its cushioning absorbs impacts very nicely at all sorts of paces – or at least at all the paces that I tested. That is probably thanks to the new Nylon blend Speedboard and its new shape. Just like on the Cloudflow, On redesigned the Speedboard shape to maximise the forward motion feeling between the midfoot and the forefoot. This does not jump to mind instantly but it explains why the shoe keeps on being so good at doing pretty much everything.

Cushioned and Protective

Ivan: As previously mentioned by Alex, the Cloudmonster 2 doesn’t offer as plush of a ride as many of the maximalist alternatives currently available. However, I don’t personally perceive this as a drawback. The ride it provides is well-balanced, featuring ample cushioning in its full length from the dual-density ‘Helion’ midsole and ‘Cloudtec’ setup, complemented by a smooth rocker sensation.


The shoe’s wide platform and raised sidewalls contribute to a modest level of stability compared to others in its category. Its weight, width, and substantial size make it particularly well-suited for easy runs. Nonetheless, it also enables you to push the pace, assisted by the rocker upfront and the ‘Speedboard’ technology. However, for faster-paced sessions, I believe superior alternatives exist, such as On’s own Cloudflow model.


What truly distinguishes the Cloudmonster 2 is its remarkable depth of cushioning while maintaining some stability, rendering it a compelling choice for those seeking maximum protection and comfort during even the longest of runs. Particularly, heavier runners are likely to appreciate these features in the Cloudmonster 2.

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On Cloudmonster 2 Outsole: Better in the Wet

Alex: I do not have enough mileage on this shoe to comment on the durability of the outsole. Hopefully it is slightly better than on the original shoe, which showed significant wear after about 500kms. Brussels is rainy and wet at the moment and I haven’t had any issues with grip or traction.


Ivan: Thus far, the grip has proven adequate. While not outstanding, it’s sufficient to navigate through damp Scandinavian conditions. The extent of rubber outsole coverage appears reasonable, but similar to Alex, I haven’t had the opportunity to thoroughly test it for long-term durability yet.

Cloudmonster 2-02

On Cloudmonster 2 Conclusion: Subtle Tweaks and Softer Sensations

Alex: The Cloudmonster 2 is still a Cloudmonster. No possible doubt and that is genuinely a good thing. The upper updates make sense and if I have to pick one highlight, that would be the new heel collar. For someone not only running in the Cloudmonster but also sometimes rocking it as a sneaker, that extra comfort will make a huge difference. The extra cushioning in the forefoot is welcome for me, with my injury record of broken metatarsals. Overall, I believe that On did a wise job at tweaking their hero product to address the only downsides it had, without completely altering it.


Ivan: I find the Cloudmonster 2 to be a well-balanced and highly protective shoe that should fit nicely into most runners’ rotations. It serves as a versatile high-mileage neutral daily trainer that doesn’t become too unstable and provides a fairly efficient ride considering its sheer size. While I personally find the upper and fit to be too spacious overall, I believe many will appreciate the extra width and volume designed for the shoe’s intended purpose.

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48 years old

180cm (5’9″) – 63kg (138lbs)

Midfoot striker – Cadence runner

Mild pronator


Alex Filitti Meta Circle


29 years old

183cm (6′) – 68kg (148lbs)

Mid/Forefoot striker – Stride runner

Moderate pronator


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