Nike Track Spikes Preview: The World’s Fastest Shoes?

In 2020, Nike released the Dragonfly and changed the game on the track. They were the must have shoes for every elite athlete. 4 years later, Nike have their second versions. What's changed?

Maxfly 2: The Fastest Nike Track Spike

Built for the quickest human beings on the planet. The Maxfly 2 will probably only be on foot for between 9.xx and 21.xx or so seconds. On one hand, Nike have kept the carbon fibre plate from the original. Strong and stiff to turn the vast levels of sprint power into forward propulsion. Furthermore, the gigantic Air Zoom cushions remain. On the other hand, the Maxfly 2 has had a raft of changes made to ensure it has greater durability and stability around the curve.


Gone is one spike. The Maxfly 2 has 6 rather than the traditional 7 pins of a sprint spike in a wider, flatter base. Additionally to this, the base itself is has changed to a clear, high performance Pebax material. Lighter, snappier and more propulsive, the Maxfly 2 is made to smash records.

Maxfly 2 Nike Track Spikes

Victory 2: The Record Breaking Nike Track Spike

During its development phase, the Victory 2 broke 5 world records on the track. Not bad for a shoe which hadn’t yet been fully finalised. Now, due to release in its final guise, the middle distance Nike track spike is ready to come for more in Paris. 


While retaining, like the Maxfly 2, the very obvious Air Zoom cushion and the ZoomX foam the Victory 2 has been redesigned from the top down. Firstly, a new Atomknit upper holds the foot in perfect lockdown and comfort to ensure that no power is expended in anything but forward motion. Additionally, it has a wider, flatter base which should make it less punishing on the legs. Next, it has lost 2 spikes, 4 spikes only to save even more weight in races where thousandths of a second matter. Will Faith Kipyegon take this to gold and more world records in Paris this summer?

Victory 2 Nike Track spikes

Dragonfly 2: The Spike That Changed The Game

For a period after its release, the Dragonfly was the only spike to have. So far ahead of its rivals, it didn’t matter your sponsor, it was on foot. Disguised Dragonfly were ubiquitous on podiums at every meeting.  The ZoomX cushioning and more forgiving spike plate made it a favourite from the track to the muddy fields of cross country. However, over the past couple of years, its dominance has been challenged. Other spikes are topping podiums and challenging records. Time for a change. 


How has it changed in this second edition? There have been some gains and losses with the Dragonfly 2. As with the other Nike track spikes, it has had some spikes removed. Again, going from 6 to 4 and in a new pattern. Will this see the end of the Dragonfly as a cross country favourite? Furthermore, it has gained a stiffer, lighter, full-length Peba plate sandwiched between the layers of ZoomX foam. Will these Nike track spikes still be the favourite of distance runners on the track? Keep an eye on 5 and 10k podiums to find out!

Dragonfly 2 Nike Track Spikes


45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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