TRE: Nike 2024 Line Up – All about the Alphafly?

Nike needs no real introduction. From track to road to trail, Nike's shoes are objects of desire and debate. What does the Nike 2024 line up add?

Nike – Will the shoe dog remain top dog?

Driven by innovation, pushing the boundaries and exploiting the best technology has to offer, Nike have always been at the forefront of running. From ParkRun to the Olympics, the front of the pack tend to be rocking the swoosh on their shoes. Some of their 2023 releases seemed to be a slight step backwards with the Alphafly 2 and the Vaporfly 3 not garnering universal acclaim. 


Will 2024 see a return to form for one of the world’s most dominant brands?

Nike Alphafly 3

The world’s fastest marathon shoe is officially unveiled and released to the public. The first Alphafly was the first (and only) shoe to go under 2 hours for the marathon. The second version didn’t live up to the promise for most. The third version has already won several marathons and set the new men’s world record in a time of 2:00.35 on the feet of Kelvin Kiptum. It looks like the Alphafly is back! Read a more in depth preview here.


Sample weight: 281g/7.6oz

Fully connected ZoomX midsole.

New Fast Shot outsole for improved grip.

Full length carbon fibre Fly Plate.

Release date: January 4th 2024 (Proto Colourway limited release)

Release price: $285


New Atomknit 3.0 upper. A fully connected midsole to allow for greater range of footstrike enjoyment. 20% lighter than the previous iteration. A wider FlyPlate for more stability through the gait cycle.

Nike Alphafly 3
Peg Trail 5

Nike 2024 Pegasus Trail 5

Nike’s everyday workhorse with wings gets a new trail version. This is the fifth version of the Peg Trail. Each has seen several changes. What has altered this time out?


React X Foam (13% more energy return)

Nike Trail ATC (All Terrain Compound) outsole

Release date: May 2024

Release price: $140


A new outsole compound on Nike trail shoes is always welcome. The addition of React X should also allow for all day comfort in Nike’s most versatile trail shoe of the 2024 line up.

Nike Zoom X Zegama 2

Nike’s ultra protective ultramarathon shoe. Designed to keep you protected over the longest distances on the world’s roughest terrain. ZoomX wrapped in a firmer foam for stability. The most tested shoe in Nike’s trail line. 35,000 miles have been put through different iterations to get us to this!


More stability built in with the form foam wrapping the ZoomX. A “ZoomX bathtub”.


Vibram outsole with redesigned lugs in a bespoke pattern.


Same stack height and weight as the first version: 318g/11.2oz and a 4mm drop.


Release date: May 2024


Release price: $170


A new more stable geometry. Probably most importantly, Vibram on outsole duties to ensure that you stick to the trails with confidence when pushing the pace though technical terrain. An exciting update in that regard.

Nike Zegama 2


45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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