Mount To Coast R1 Review: Ultramarathon, Ultracomfort

Whilst a fairly niche market area, road ultra runners rely on comfortable shoes which can glide through countless miles. Surely they must be good for the rest of us?

Mount to Coast R1 Introduction:

Built With Comfort In Mind

Ivan: The Mount to Coast R1 is a race shoe specifically crafted for road ultra-marathons. Extensive research has led to the incorporation of new features tailored to meet the unique demands of this niche category. It’s always exciting to see companies introduce advanced technologies to address the specific needs of runners. In this case, innovative enhancements are evident in both the upper, midsole, and outsole, designed to tackle the challenges faced by ultra-marathoners. The shoe places special emphasis on fit, resilience, cushioning, and support.

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Stack height: 35mm

Midsole drop: 8mm

Weight: 8.5oz | 241g (Men’s) 

Retail price: $160

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Mount to Coast R1 Upper:

Split Lacing

Ivan: The Mount to Coast R1 immediately stands out as a shoe designed specifically for ultra running. One of its key features is the adjustable dual lacing system (TUNEDFIT), which allows independent adjustment of the midfoot and forefoot, accommodating swollen feet during long runs. While the fit does not feel particularly streamlined or agile, the focus is on providing comfort over extended distances rather than creating a snug race fit.


Despite its reasonably low weight, the shoe is well-structured, featuring a comfortable, well-padded heel counter and a soft double jacquard mesh. Perforations in the mesh enhance breathability, ensuring the foot stays cool and comfortable throughout long runs.

Easy Comfort

Andy: I must caveat this review by saying that I have never run an ultramarathon on road or trail. Secondly, I am currently not likely to be running an ultramarathon. As much as I love running, 100 km or more races don’t really interest me at the moment. That said, comfortable shoes which are capable of taking whatever distance you want to throw at them on a daily basis are exactly my kind of thing. 


I agree with Ivan that the upper isn’t that of a streamlined racer but it doesn’t need to be. The initial step in comfort is excellent. As Ivan said, the upper is soft and the padding is exactly in the right place. I like the idea of the TUNEDFIT system and I can see how it has its benefits for longer runs when the foot swells. Furthermore, it is very easy to achieve a good lockdown. I have run in the Mount to Coast R1 during some of our warmest months so far and have found no issues with breathability.

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Surprisingly Enjoyable

Ivan: The midsole of the Mount to Coast R1 may appear simple and unrefined at first glance, but its development clearly involved a great deal of thought. The so-called LightCELL midsole is likely a PEBAX hybrid compound, providing well-balanced damping cushioning that is perfect for long runs. Additionally, an insert called ZeroSag has been added. According to Mount to Coast, this material, also used in sports car suspension systems as a stability gasket, is particularly resistant to wear and tear while delivering extra cushion and support.


Whether it’s due to the midsole compound, the insert, or another factor entirely, the ride is impressively smooth and pleasant. Initially, I was sceptical, especially since the shoe lacks the rocker geometry I typically prefer. However, the materials and technology used result in a surprisingly enjoyable ride that only gets better during extended runs.

An Instant Favourite

Andy: As Ivan has pointed out, the midsole is filled with design and innovation. However, unlike models like the HOKA Skyward X, the technology doesn’t try to make you run in a certain way. The Mount to Coast R1 has become one of my favourite daily shoes. It offers great comfort and is a very simple shoe to run in. The ride, as Ivan said, is smooth. Wherever I strike the foot rolls through the gait cycle and has a pleasing toe off. 


The mix of foams in the midsole works well and makes each run enjoyable. Cushioning is deep but not mushy. While the energy return isn’t to the same level as some foams like ZoomX, it protects the legs and ensures that longer runs are not energy sapping. It gets the job done unobtrusively, simply and well

Mount to Coast R1 Outsole:

For The Road

Ivan: The outsole is clearly designed with road runners in mind, featuring a minimalist and smooth surface devoid of grippy lugs or rubber compounds. This design choice contributes to the shoe’s overall low weight. However, I haven’t yet tested the outsole in wet conditions, which might pose a challenge.


Additionally, the GOFLOW technology, highlighted in black, is on display. This feature is intended to promote guidance for a smoother ride by aligning with the typical stride pattern, and it might contribute to the smooth ride I am experiencing.


Andy: Unlike Ivan, I have had an opportunity to test the R1 in the wet as well as the dry. It handled soggy and slippery pavement well and even gave no heart flutters on damp grass. Additionally, after my initial testing period, there is very little visible wear on the rubber which bodes very well for long term longevity.

Mount to Coast R1 Conclusion:

Instant Winner

Ivan: The Mount to Coast R1 packs a lot of technology, yet the shoe’s low weight, fit, and ride contribute to an unobtrusive and simplistic experience. This is intended as high praise, as it is quite challenging to create a well-balanced ultra-marathon shoe that doesn’t feel cumbersome on the foot. While it is obviously not intended for trail running or uptempo runs, it performs well in most other scenarios. The adjustable fit, combined with the resilient and shock-absorbing midsole, is an instant winner and will be a great addition to my running shoe rotation going forward.

Don’t Miss Out On This Shoe

Andy: While I am not an ultra marathoner, I do appreciate a comfortable and simple shoe which allows me to run. The Mount to Coast R1 is exactly that. Fit and comfort is excellent and the on the go adjustments are easy with the TUNEDFIT system. The ride is simple, smooth and very easy to run in. It is not a speed day shoe, but it isn’t designed to be that. What it is designed to do, it does excellently. The price point of $160 also seems very reasonable when compared to many other shoes on the market for what the R1 provides.



48 years old

180cm (5’9″) – 63kg (138lbs)

Midfoot striker – Cadence runner

Mild pronator




45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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