KIPRUN KD900X LD Review: More Bang For Your Buck?

Can KIPRUN deliver carbon and PEBA based perfection on a budget? The KD900X missed the mark. Has the KD900X LD taken care of the short comings?

KIPRUN KD900X LD: Similar Style But Big Changes

Tim: In March 2022, KIPRUN, the running brand of Decathlon, launched its first carbon shoe with the help of their pro athlete, Yoann Kowal. With this shoe KIPRUN jumped into the very competitive market of carbon plated and superfoam racing shoes. But let’s be honest, except for the durability and the price (€150) the shoe didn’t really compete with other models available on the market. Nearly 2 years later, the French running brand returned with a second iteration of its racing model, the KD900X LD. Is the shoe better, and is the promise of something lighter and with better performance kept?



Product details from KIPRUN

Weight: 206g | 7.3oz (men’s US9)

Stack height: 36mm

Heel-to-toe drop: 4mm

Price: €180 | £160


KIPRUN KD900X LD Upper: More Breathable But Still Not Very Comfortable

Tim: If you look at the KD900X LD, you instantly see some similarities with the KD900X. Everyone could say that the 2 shoes come from the same brand, but as you will see in this review, the same look doesn’t mean the same shoe. Even so, I should admit that the main changes didn’t occur on the upper. The one on this new shoe is a bit more breathable and a little less abrasive than the previous. Nevertheless, the mesh is still rough and definitely not as pleasant as plenty of racing shoes nowadays. To give you some comparison, it is rougher than the mesh you can find in a Nike Vaporfly Next% 2. The laces have also changed for something thinner and flatter. This is a good improvement, however, I would still recommend a double knot as I have experienced them coming untied more than once. 


The heel counter is slightly padded and unlike the previous version I didn’t experience any chafing coming from the black strip at the bottom of the heel. Finally, I find the fit to be a little strange. For me, the KD900X LD runs a little long, therefore, I would recommend going half a size down. Furthermore, the lockdown is also strange and I guess it may come from the size but also on the shape of the upper. As you may see in pictures, or feel while testing the shoe, the upper sits low on the ankle before rising quite high for the heel. On one hand, you will not encounter any chafing nor cut on the ankle. On the other hand, I feel the lockdown isn’t quite there and I would like to have something more secure. 


To sum up, KIPRUN made some changes on the upper (breathability, new laces) that go in the right direction but there is still space for improvement to increase comfort and lockdown.


Midsole: Finally A Real Racing Shoe

Tim: KD900X is probably the stiffest super shoe I ever tried. And by super shoe I mean a shoe that includes a super foam and a carbon plate, because I’m not sure you can say that the KD900X is a true super shoe. For the KD900X LD, KIPRUN has changed many things. 

First of all, the foam. Moving from VFOAM to VFOAM PLUS. It’s still an EVA and Pebax blend but the formula has changed. No doubt about it, as the midsole is now as soft as other super shoes and finally you can really feel that it has some energy return. As a bonus, this new foam is lighter and the shoe has lost nearly 20g compared to its predecessor (207gr in US9). The drop has also completely changed to 4mm from 8mm with a nearly similar stack height (36mm vs. 37mm). Therefore, you can experience more foam under the front of the foot. Finally the geometry has slightly changed too even if you recognize the geometry of the KD900X. 


All those improvements, because yes, everything here is a true improvement, completely change the ride. Where the KD900X was a bit dull and felt flat (even with a high drop) the KD900X LD has the characteristics you’re looking for in a super shoe. It’s soft, it returns energy and doesn’t ask you to work too hard for an increase in speed. It is clear that KIPRUN has taken a giant leap forward. I will not compare it with the big boys like the HOKA Rocket X 2 or Nike’s Alphafly 3, but KIPRUN has now a super shoe that could be considered as a racing shoe. Finally, the icing on the cake, it’s 30% to 50% cheaper than competitors even if the price has risen from €150 to €180.


KIPRUN KD900X LD Outsole: Dependable Durability

Tim: I will be transparent with you, I’ve been lucky enough to avoid rain in my test runs so far. Therefore, I’m not really able to tell you if the grip is really good. It looks like the grip of the KD900X and therefore I would consider it grippy enough to be used for racing. The durability seems to be good too. With more than 50km in the shoe, I didn’t see any noticeable wear on the outsole unlike some competitors. It will not last as long as a KS900 2, but will last longer than almost every other super shoe I have tried. Except maybe the KD900X…


KIPRUN KD900X LD Conclusion: Nearly There

Tim: KIPRUN has finally a racing shoe. That says it all. It is still priced competitively (€180) and with durability that should make competitors pale with envy. It’s definitely not my first choice, especially for a marathon but for a tight budget it should be taken into account. I see it more suited for a half-marathon because it still lacks a bit of comfort and energy return for my liking. But where I would definitely not run a half-marathon in the KD900X, I would consider doing it with the KD900X LD. Let’s now hope that the next racing shoe from KIPRUN will improve, and, if it improves as much as it did between the first and second versions, the shoe is going to be terrific.



30 years old

169cm (5’5″) – 57kg (125lbs)

Heel/Midfoot striker – Cadence runner

Moderate pronator


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