Hoka x Satisfy – A tried and true shoe with delicate design details

Hoka and Satisfy bring a collaboration from different ends of the market. Is the whole more than the sum of its parts?

French Brands Unite

Satisfy have been helping runners reach their high since 2015. Their boutique styles and daring design have been a fixture on social media. Hoka have been encouraging runners to fly since 2009. The two French brands have come together in 2023 to delight the feet of runners around the world.


The meeting of minds has brought us the Hoka x Satisfy Clifton LS. Grab it while you can to really be able to fly to your next runner’s high!

Hoka x Satisfy Clifton LS 

The Clifton LS retains all of Hoka’s traditional performance and design cues but adds Satisfy’s eye for design detail and drama. 


The collaboration brings Hoka’s compression moulded EVA midsole which provides plenty of protective cushioning while also giving plenty of toe-off bounce to allow you to pick up the pace when needed.


This unique Clifton LS also brings beautiful design from Satisfy which demonstrates their eye for drama. The upper is breathable and beautiful. When the sun drops and the lights come on Satisfy prove that safety is sexy with their reflective toe box logos.


To add to the Clifton’s need for speed, runners are given the choice of the fast laces (pictured). Or more traditional laces if your style is not in a hurry!


The Hoka x Satisfy Clitfon LS is available from both Satisfy and Hokas sites on the 16th and 17th November 2023 for a price of €225. Grab yours before they all fly off the shelves for good!

Hoka x Satisfy CLifton


45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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