Budapest 23 – Day 2: Morning Session

A morning of heats which saw the women's 100m come to life and Karsten Warholm begin his quest to reclaim his title.

Day 2 Morning Session

Women’s 400m Heats

First out on the track were the women for the 400m. One lap of the track. With Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone absent from Budapest, there is likely to be one more medal available for the field. In her absence, Marileidy Paulino came to Budapest as favourite. Three automatic qualifiers from each round with 6 little q available for the fastest of the rest in the six heats. The Q Room would be busy. 


Lieke Klaver recovered from disappointment in the mixed relay last night to win her heat. Last year’s world champion, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, returned after welcoming her first child in April. The Bahamian finished seventh in her heat in what was only her second race since the birth. 


The biggest surprise of the day 2 morning was probably the non performance of Britton Wilson who qualified second in the US trials behind McLaughlin-Levrone. Post race, she was taken from the track in a wheelchair. Paulino dominated her heat making it look easy and setting herself out as the likely favourite for the title.

Qualifying for the semi finals:

Marileidy Paulino 49.90

Natalia Kaczmarek 50.02

Cynthia Bolingo 50.29 (SB)

Candice McLeod 50.37

Nickisha Pryce 50.38

Lieke Klaver 50.52

Victoria Ohuruogu 50.60

Sada Williams 50.78

Rhasidat Adeleke 50.80

Ama Pipi 50.81

Lynna Irby-Jackson 50.81

Roxana Gomez 50.86

Talitha Diggs 50.87

Lada Vondrova 50.92 (PB)

Susanne Gogl-Walli 51.00

Modesta Morauskaite 51.06 (SB)

Gabby Scott 51.07 (SB)

Sharlene Mawdsley 51.17 (PB)

Andrea Miklos 51.24

Charokee Young 51.24

Evelis Aguilar 51.27 (PB)

Tereza Patrzilkova 51.30

Paola Moran 51.59

Zeney Van Der Walt 51.76

Day 2 Morning Session: Men’s 400m Heats

Defending champion Michael Norman chose not to attend this year’s world championships after a frustrating season. His withdrawal from the field still leaves plenty of former champions to fight it out for a return to gold. Olympic champion Steven Gardiner looking to reclaim his world title. South African Wayde van Niekerk who is returning to fitness after an injury blighted few years. Diamond League wins and a third in the world time of 44.08 show that he is coming back to his best at just the right time. 


Initially, a very fast first heat saw a Hungarian national record from Attilia Molnar in 44.84 and a Japanese national record of 44.77 from Kentaro Sato. Both men came in behind Gardiner who made it look easy on a very hot day 2 morning. In the second heat, van Niekerk made it safely through in a race where the first 5 finishers came in under the 45 second mark. Then, in the third heat, Ingvaldsen took the race from the front and saw it through to win in a Norwegian national record of 44.39. 


Next up, in heat 4, Kirani James took the win in a close heat in which Fuga Sato of Japan finished under 45 seconds for the first time. After that, in heat 5, Watson, Hall and Nakajima finished clear of the field to ensure their qualification for the semis. Finally, the 6th heat saw the Botswanan Ndori dominate from the front and shutting down with 10m to go. Unfortunately, Bryce Deadmon continued a disappointing 400m event for the Americans finishing in seventh.

Qualifying for the semi finals:

Havard Ingvaldsen 44.39 (NR)

Wayde van Niekerk 44.57

Steven Gardiner 44.65

Matthew Hudson-Smith 44.69 (SB)

Bayapo Ndori 44.72

Antonio Watson 44.77

Kantaro Sato 44.77 (NR)

Liemarvin Bonevacia 44.78 (SB)

Busang Kebinatshipi 44.80 (PB)

Attila Molnar 44.84 (NR)

Quincey Hall 44.86

Vernon Norwood 44.87

Zakithi Nene 44.88

Kirani James 44.91

Alexander Doom 44.92 (PB)

Fuga Sato 44.97 (PB)

Sean Bailey 44.98

Michael Joseph 45.04

Zandiron Barnes 45.05

David Re 45.07 (SB)

Yuki Nakajima 45.15

Jereem Richards 45.15

Leungo Scotch 45.20

Dylan Borlee 45.24

Day 2 Morning Session: Men’s 400m Hurdles Heats

Alison Dos Santos comes to Budapest looking to defend his championship title from Eugene. Coming back from a surgery earlier in the year, this may be a step too far and too soon when facing Karsten Warholm, Rai Benjamin and Kyron McMaster among others. The top 4 from each heat would qualify for the next round along with 4 time qualifiers. 


Initially, the first heat, which featured Dos Santos, got off to an inauspicious start when Assinie Wilson fell from the blocks at the gun ending his race as soon as it started. Dos Santos cruised through in first finishing in 48.12. Following on in heat 2, a faulty start saw the field shown a green card. Second time was clean and McMaster took the lead and held it to finish in 48.47.


Then, the third heat saw the unveiling of Warholm. Instantly, taking it out from the front, no problems in qualification with Warholm jogging through the line allowing Happio of France to take the win in 48.63. Then, in the penultimate heat, Josh Abuaku set a PB of 48.32. Finally, the fifth heat saw Rai Benjamin cruise to victory in 48.36 to ensure his hunt for gold remained on track.

Qualifying for the semi finals:

Alison Dos Santos 48.12

Ludvy Vaillant 48.27

Joshua Abuaku 48.32 (PB)

Rai Benjamin 48.35

CJ Allen 48.36

Roshawn Clarke 48.39

Kyron McMaster 48.47

Ezekiel Nathaniel 48.47 (SB)

Rasmus Magi 48.58

Jaheel Hyde 48.63

Wilfried Happio 48.63

Kazuki Kurokawa 48.71 (SB)

Julien Watrin 48.72 (SB)

Trevor Bassitt 48.73

Karsten Warholm 48.76

Yasmani Copello 48.92

Emil Agyekum 49.00

Mario Lambrughi 49.05 (SB)

Wiseman Mukhobe 49.10

Julien Bonvin 49.19 (SB)

Zhiyu Xie 49.25

Bassem Hemeida 49.50

Alessandro Sibilio 49.50

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Day 2 Morning Session: Women’s 100m Heats

At last, the speedsters take to the track. Will Jamaican dominance continue or will Sha’Carri Richardson have something to say about the home of the gold? Marie Jose Ta-Lou is also coming into the championships in fine fettle. During the day 2 morning session, the heats went with form although the second heat saw a messy start with a disqualification for De La C. Garcia. Then, heat 4 saw Shericka Jackson cruise to victory in 11.06, a controlled and easy win.

DQs and Delays

Following on from this, another of the favourites for the year, Richardson settled to get her campaign underway in a heat which saw Imani Lansiquot disqualified for a false start. However, she was allowed to run under protest, which is another new addition to this championship. 


Ultimately, the distraction of the delay wasn’t enough to deter Richardson who got the win in 10.92 looking very relaxed and waving to the crowd for the last 10m. Lansiquot took third in the race and will have to await the result of her appeal to see if she progresses to the semi finals. Currently, Zaynab Dosso’s 11.14 Italian national record has the place.


Moving on to the sixth heat, which started cleanly, the in form Ta-Lou took the win in 11.09. Finally, it was the turn of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce to step up. The five time world champion left no doubt in anyone’s mind that she still has what it takes to get the gold, winning comfortably in 11.02.

Qualifying for the semi finals:

Sha’Carri Richardson 10.92

Ewa Swoboda 10.98

Julien Alfred 10.99

Brittany Brown 11.01

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 11.01

Natasha Morrison 11.02

Daryll Neita 11.03

Dina Asher-Smith 11.04

Tamari Davis 11.06

Shericka Jackson 11.06

Mujinga Kambundji 11.08

Marie-Josee Ta Lou 11.08

Gina Bass 11.10

N’Ketia Seedo 11.11 (PB)

Shashalee Forbes 11.12 

Zaynab Dosso* 11.14 (=NR)

Zoe Hobbs 11.14

Michaela-Lee Ahye 11.16 (SB)

Rani Rosius 11.18 (PB)

Boglarka Takacs 11.18

Gina Luckenkemper 11.21

Rosemary Chukwuma 11.24

Geraldine Frey 11.26

Jael Bestue 11.28

Day 2 Morning Session: Men’s 110m Hurdles Heats

Finally for the day 2 morning session, we moved to the high hurdles. American Grant Holloway is looking to be the second athlete ever to complete a hattrick of 110m hurdles titles. Challenging him is the only man to beat him this year, current time world leader Rasheed Broadbell and his countryman Hansle Parchment who is the Olympic Champion. The early heats went to form with little surprise. 


Then, as has happened several times this championship already, a favourite hit the track. This year’s fastest man, Broadbell, caught the penultimate hurdle with his hamstring and landed on the track putting an end to his title hopes. The fall, which also impeded Taiga Yokochi, saw the Japanese athlete advanced to the next round.

Up next, Holloway and the penultimate heat. After a safe, clean start, he surged ahead and took the easy win in 13.20. With the final heat, Team GB’s debutant Tade Ojura took the win and booked his place in the net round.

Qualifying for the semi finals:

Grant Holloway 13.18

Louis Mendy 13.24

Hansle Parchment 13.30

Wilhelm Belocian 13.31

Tade Ojora 13.32

Enrique Llopis 13.33 (SB)

Milan Trajkovic 13.33

Shunsuke Izumiya 13.33

Sasha Zhoya 13.35

Shunya Takayama 13.35

Daniel Roberts 13.36

Eduardo Rodrigues 13.37 (SB)

Jason Joseph 13.38

Orlando Bennett 13.39

Freddie Crittenden 13.40

Ma Hrelja 13.42 (PB)

Just Kwaou-Mathey 13.42

Cordell Tinch 13.49

Damian Czykier 13.49 (SB)

Lorenzo Simonelli 13.50

Rafael Pereira 13.52

Hassane Fofane 13.53

Yaqoubb Alyouha 13.56

Yves Cherubin 13.56 (PB)

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