TRE: Brooks 2024 Line Up – The need for speed

Brooks is always a very well received brand in running circles. Dependable, durable and comfortable. The Brooks 2024 collection looks to bring some excitement.

Brooks – A passion for running

With the belief that running is a gift and that we should always run happy, Brooks ethos is to make each run a special occasion. Be it a race or a gentle jog with friends, there is a Brooks shoe for you. Obsessed with detail and design, the team tries to engineer every item to improve the running experience. This is why they are one of the best selling running brands in the whole world. Their shoes have recently graced the gold medal spot in an incredibly exciting men’s 1500m final at the Budapest World Championships. 


With that in mind, let’s take a look at their new range.

Glycerin 21

Brooks Glycerin 21

The premium daily trainer has hit 21. What does the Ghost’s more sophisticated sister have in store for us compared to last year’s model?


Stack height of 36mm in the heel with a 10mm drop to 26mm in the forefoot.

Sample weight: 271g/9.55oz

Release date: 1st February 2024

Release price: $160/€180


New geometry in the DNA Loft nitrogen infused midsole. Higher stack. Elevated cushioning throughout the shoe. There is a decoupled heel to allow for greater flexibility.

Brooks 2024 Caldera 7

A trail shoe built for the long run. The Caldera is designed for comfort, stability and cushioning. The 7th iteration of the shoe brings some big changes from those who came before. See the review of the 6 here.


DNA Loft v3 nitrogen infused foam.

Elevated sidewalls in the heel to add stability and lockdown.

Stack height: 34mm in the heel with a 6mm drop to 28mm in the forefoot.

Trailtack Green rubber outsole


The extra stack height in the shoe and wrapping the foot in a cup around the heel will add cushioning and comfort. A less abrasive upper will help push through those tough ultra miles. Improved traction in the wet which never goes amiss. 

Brooks 2024-Caldera 7
Cascadia 18

Brooks Cascadia 18

Brooks premier mountain trail running shoe which brings the Trail Adapt System for stability, traction in abundance and lightweight cushioning for all your mountain miles. How have they changed up the formula for 2024?




We will keep you posted!

Brooks 2024 Catamount 3

Brooks’ trail speedster. The Catamount is the plated trail racer. Designed for speed and protection rather than all day comfort, the plate propels you forward while the DNA Flash gives you some extra bounce.


Sample weight: 275g/9.7oz

DNA Flash midsole.

Stack height of 28mm in the heel with a 6mm drop to a 22mm forefoot. 

Trailtack Grip outsole for traction.

Skyvault carbon plate for rock protection and propulsion on your run.

Release date: 1st January 2024

Release price: €170/$170


More of a refinement than an overhaul from last year. 

Catamount 3
Brooks 2024-Ghost 16

Brooks 2024 Ghost 16

The iconic daily trainer from Brooks gets a 16th version. Dependable, durable and Europe’s best selling running shoe.


Sample weight: 269g/9,5oz

Stack height: 31mm in the heel with a 12mm drop to a 19mm forefoot

Soft mesh upper

Release price: €150/$140

Release date: 1st June 2024


New cushioning experience with DNA Loft v3. A thinner but still durable outsole compound to reduce weight and increase comfort. 

Brooks 2024 Ghost Max

The Ghost got bigger. The max cushioned version of the Ghist offers comfort and cushioning for all your daily distance. The Glide Roll technology in the midsole helps to propel you forward to add ease to your gait cycle. 


Glide Roll technology in the midsole. 

Stack height of 39mm in the heel with a 6mm drop to 33mm in the forefoot.

Release date: 1st December 2023 (Europe)

Release price: €160/$150


None! It’s all new this December.

Ghost Max
Brooks 2024 Hyperion Elite 4

Brooks Hyperion Elite 4

The Brooks entrant into the carbon plated marathon world gets a 4th edition. Whilst a marathon based shoe, it has also crushed road miles in New York on the feet of World Champion Josh Kerr. So what is it like?


DNA Flash v2

Sample weight: 221g/7.8oz

Scaled thickness of cabron plate depending on shoe size.

8mm drop.

Release date: 1st February 2024

Release price: €250


Lighter and more responsive midsole material with the DNA Flash v2. Even thinner and more breathable upper.

Hyperion Elite LD Spike

The longer distance cousin of the MD spike.


More forgiving in the forefoot for longer distances.

For 5k plus on the track.

Release price: $180/€150

Sample weight: 136g/4.8oz

Release date: February 2024


Fresh and new for 2024.

Brooks 2024-Hyperion Elite LD
Hyperion Elite MD

Hyperion Elite MD Spike

Josh Kerr’s weapon of choice to win the World Championship 1500m Final in Budapest. How will it stack up against current favourite, the Dragonfly?


Decoupled heel for a flexible heel but very stiff forefoot for propulsion.

Sample weight: 153g/5.4oz

Designed for up to 5k.

Release price: $180/€150

Release date: February 2024


It comes with gold medal pedigree!



45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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