Bowerman Mile 2023 – Eugene Mile Madness

Records galore in the Bowerman Mile which ended the first day of the Eugene Diamond League Final.

Ingebrigsten: Bowerman Mile prophet

The fastest mile race for nearly a quarter of a century took place on Saturday night in Eugene Oregon. In the pre-meet press conference, Jakob Ingebrigsten, the mercurial Norwegian talent advised Yared Nuguse, “Just stick to me as long as you can and we’ll get you sub 3:46,” in response to a question about whether the American record would be possible during the race. As it turned out, not only was the American record possible but so were many, many others! The Bowerman Mile was one for the ages.

Paced to perfection

Erick Sowinski, probably the best pacer in the world today, was tasked with taking the field through the 800 in 1:51 and he duly delivered before pushing through to 1200m in 2:46.3. From here, it was down to two men. Ingebrigsten and Nuguse.


Following the press conference plan, Nuguse stuck to him like glue. The push from the bell was on. Both men accelerating towards their goals. Whilst it was not the Bowerman Mile that had been talked about as a World Record attempt this weekend, it very nearly became one.

UTMB 23 (7 of 10) Large
UTMB 23 (3 of 10) Large

Half a second from history

When the Bowerman Mile clock was stopped at a time of 3:43.73 by Ingebrigsten, he was only 0.6 seconds away from the 24 year old record of El Guerrouj. Tantalisingly close. Also enough for third on the all time mile list. The time was also a European Record, Diamond League Record, Meeting Record, World Lead and a Personal Best. A list that takes longer to type than it did to run the race.It must also put him as the most likely man to push the mile world record even lower.

Records Galore

Nuguse scored the American Record, taking nearly 3 seconds from Alan Webb’s 16 year old 3:46.91 mark. Firmly marked now as the heir apparent to American middle distance hopes. He will hope that Paris next year will erase the memories of his DNS in Tokyo. However, the accolades did not stop there. George Mills in third came home with a PB of 3:47.65. Nearly 2 seconds faster than his previous record. Fourth placed Mario Garcia’s 3:47.69, another PB, is also the new Spanish National Record. 


Reynold Cheruiyot set a new Under 20 World Record with his 3:48.06. Azzedine Habz is now the new French National Record holder in 3:48.64. Niels Laros, the 18 year old Dutch phenom, is now their National Record holder with a time of 3:48.93. This Bowerman Mile delivered on its promise and more!

UTMB 23 (10 of 10) Large
UTMB 23 (4 of 10) Large

Bowerman Mile Brilliance

The Bowerman Mile was an amazing way to end the first night of festivities in Eugene. We have another night of amazing athletics in store and Ingebrigsten is aiming for another world record in the 3000m. Who would bet against him?




Jakob Ingebrigsten 3:43.73 AR, DLR, MR, WL, PB

Yared Nuguse 3:43.97 AR, PB

George Mills 3:47.65 PB

Mario Garcia 3:47.69 NR, PB

Reynold Cheruiyot 3:48.06 U20WR

Cole Hocker 3:48.08 PB

Narve Nordas 3:48.24 PB

Azeddine Habz 3:48.64 NR, PB

Niels Laros 3:48.93 NR, SB

Stewie McSweyn 3:49.32 SB

Samuel Tanner 3:49.51 PB

Elliot Giles 3:51.63 PB

Abel Kipsang 3:53.50 SB

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