TRE: Asics Nimbus 26 – Why change a good thing?

The Nimbus 25 saw a major redesign of a classic model. One of the worst kept secrets in running around this time last year, the huge white shoe was visible on every social media platform. How does the Nimbus 26 compare?

The Nimbus Line – The journey so far

From the 90’s to today, the Nimbus has been a staple of many runner’s rotations. Inspired by the cumulonimbus clouds floating overhead, Asics set out to create a cushioned shoe. With a higher (to shoes of the time) stack and visible gel in the forefoot and heel, the design was out there.


Over the years, the Nimbus has had many guises with many incremental updates which have brought innovative technology. Removing weight from the midsole, redesigning the upper for comfort. Where once it was a radical design that was pushing the envelope of cushion and comfort, times changed and this led to a radical redesign in 2022. What changes do we see in the Nimbus 26?

Asics Nimbus 26 – What’s new?

In reality, the answer to this is: not much. More of a refinement than a redesdign. In this iteration, Asics has chosen to take what runners loved about the 25 and tweak the things they didn’t.


Firstly, the mesh upper has been refined to offer more breathability than the 25. Along with the breathability, the new upper brings a more dialled in fit. Holding the foot tighter to allow more efficiency in the stride.


Traction in the Asics rubber was also a little questionable when going got mushy. To address this, the Asics designers have integrated some of their trail rubber into the outsole to enhance grip.


The midsole retains the Flight Foam Blast+ Eco. Soft cushioning with an eye towards sustainability so your conscience can feel as fresh as your legs. 


Asics Gel Nimbus 26 Specs:

41.5mm stack height in the heel.

Same drop and gel formulation as the 25

Same price as the 25

Release date: January 2024


Watch Alex’s review of the Nimbus 25.

ASICS Nimbus 26


45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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