The new ASICS METASPEED™ PARIS Series is announced today with some exciting updates

ASICS just announced the release of their newest racing shoe: the ASICS METASPEED™️ PARIS Series. The original ASICS METASPEED™️ launched in 2021 and got full exposure at the Tokyo Olympics with medals in triathlon. One year later in 2022, ASICS took its racing line to the next level with the METASPEED™️+. The new METASPEED™️ PARIS Series already raced as a World Athletics development shoe and won some big titles. Most recently, the shoe was on the feet of Clayton Young at the Olympic Trials in Orlando.


Still two variants with the METASPEED™️ PARIS Sky and METASPEED™️ PARIS Edge

In both the first and second versions, the brand released two models the ASICS METASPEED™️ SKY and METASPEED™️ EDGE variants. The former designed for stride runners and the latter for cadence runners. The new ASICS METASPEED™️ PARIS Series will remain consistent from that perspective and offer two variants as well: the ASICS METASPEED™️ PARIS Sky (right image) and the ASICS METASPEED™️ PARIS Edge (left image).


What’s new compared to the ASICS Metaspeed Plus series?

Let’s start with some specs:


Weight in ASICS’ sample size US9 (EU 42.5): 183g (6.4 oz) for the Sky and 185g (6.5 oz) for the Edge


Drop: 5mm for both shoes


MSRP: €250/$250


Both shoes get a new upper called MotionUpper 2.0 that is allegedly 8% more breathable. This certainly contributes to the 20-25g weight reduction in both shoes. Both shoes also get a new midsole compound called FFTurbo+ (nylon based, meaning it’s likely TPE-A, aka PEBA). ASICS claims that it is 8% bouncier and 6% softer compared to the FFTurbo of the Metaspeed Plus series.


The Sky is a more consistent update with the same flat plate located closer to the foot. The plate designed to disperse energy on the slab of foam located underneath and get that bounce effect in return. The interesting geometry update on the Sky is the more flared midsole in the forefoot on the medial side (+7mm). Added for more stability and also more surface area for stride runners to push on at toe-off.  The METASPEED Sky Paris is still geared towards stride runners, that increase their stride length more in proportion to their cadence increase.


The Edge, on the other hand, is a more substantial update. It has an extra 3mm of foam added to the stack height in the forefoot, taking the drop from 8mm down to 5mm. Designers place the plate closer to the ground so runners in the Edge will experience a more pronounced toe spring and earlier rocker.


Both shoes got a heel redesign with a higher and deeper bevel allowing for smoother landings and better heel to toe transitions. 

Both shoes also have a piece of outsole missing. For the Edge, it’s all about weight gains. But for the Sky, ASICS claims that the missing patch of rubber in the forefoot will allow for more foam expansion and also a better foot strike alignment due to the alignment of the cutaway.


You can try out the new METASPEED Paris Series at the Tokyo Marathon expo

If you are racing or spectating the 2024 Tokyo marathon, you can try out the new ASICS METASPEED™ PARIS Series shoes at the ASICS booth.  

ASICS at the 2024 Tokyo Marathon expo
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