adidas Takumi Sen 10 Review: Ultralight Pocket Rocket

With the Takumi Sen 9 recently smashing the women's 10k world record on the feet of Agnes Jebet Ngetich, adidas have a big act to follow. Have they succeeded?

adidas Takumi Sen 10 – Super Sleek Specialist


I was super, super hyped about these shoes when I knew that the Takumi 9 broke a WR a few days ago. Then, I was even more hyped when I unboxed them. Firstly,  I found the look of these shoes just insane. At first sight, the quality of the materials looks really high and it is definitely a shoe I want to put on and push hard with! 


Whilst this is labelled the Takumi Sen 10, it is the third iteration of the low slung, adidas super shoe which was an advance on the previous racing flat. From 1 – 7, the Takumi Sen was very low, light and quick. The eighth iteration of the Takumi Sen saw it gain a thicker Lightstrike Pro midsole to replace the mix of Boost and Lightstrike. Whilst it gained size, the shoe remained super lightweight and rapid. 


After the revolutionary change from 7 to 8, the change to 9 saw only a small weight saving change to the upper and a slight fit improvement. Have adidas stuck to a winning formula here or have they made wholesale changes again?


Stack: From 33mm in the heel to 27mm in the forefoot for a 6mm drop. 

Weight in adidas’ sample size: 200g/7oz

MSRP: €200/$180

Takumi Sen 10 Upper – Like a Glove!


The mesh on these shoes was totally new to me. At first glance, it looks like it is made of plastic (maybe it is as part of adidas’ drive to recycle). Initially,  I had the fear it would blister the tops of my feet. However, the fit is perfect, and comfort is more than good. Overall,  the shoe is light and the fit is as snug as you’d expect from a fast racer.


Also, I do not know if there is a huge impact on the overall performance, but this mesh seems to be very aerodynamic. Finally, this mesh is reinforced on the toe section which ensures good protection. Whilst this is a pleasant touch, I am not sure it is the most necessary detail on a shoe designed to be as light as possible (under 200g!)! To sum up, I have nothing negative  to say about this mesh except this detail on the toe section. However, if I had to choose, I would prefer 5 grams in more on a shoe than a mesh with holes.  


Furthermore, the tongue is also really comfortable with enough foam for protection on the top of the foot.  The comfort here is helped by the precise nature of the laces. 


Finally, there was one negative I found with the upper of the Takumi Sen 10. Around the ankle bone, the upper has no deep cutaways. Whilst this did not cause me any discomfort or blisters, it was an uncomfortable sensation at times. If you are someone who suffers from rubbing here, this may be a point to note. I would hope that adidas could tweak this issue for the next version to create the perfect upper.

Takumi Sen 10-10
Takumi Sen 10-09

Midsole – Rigid and Responsive


Thankfully, the midsole is another area where it is hard for me to find fault. Nonetheless, if you expect a bouncy effect like the marathon supershoes, here is slightly different. In the Takumi Sen 10, the midsole is firm and does not provide a deep feeling of cushion. When the shoe is in hand, a simple thumb test shows the denseness of the foam. Combined with the newly designed EnergyRods, you get a rocket for short distances. Personally, even if I love this bouncy super shoe feel, I found the Takumi really made for the “short” distances. According to adidas, they are for the 5 or 10km distance. However, I have also found them perfect for the half marathon.


Aside from the roads, I tried them on some track sessions and it felt easy to push, the responsiveness is amazing. I would say it is a direct shoe, which is really made for fartlek sessions and running up to about 21km. If you do not like spikes, they can be also used on a track without any problem for 5,000m and 10,000m, in my opinion.

Slick Sticky Rubber


As it has been a while since I used adidas shoes, I was really curious about the stability of the outsole. Indeed, the shape is not really common and so I did not know what to expect. Nonetheless, there is absolutely no problem of stability due to this shape. If you are reluctant to try these shoes because of this, please do not. Nonetheless, the outsole is quite narrow and so it can result in a bit of instability. However, this is minor nit-picking with the outsole.


During my time testing the Takumi Sen 10, I had no rain to contend with. Whilst I had no issue on dry surfaces, I was a little worried that the grip may be less than optimal on wet pavement because the outsole has quite a smooth, slick look.

Takumi Sen 10-06
Takumi Sen 10-02

adidas Takumi Sen 10 – Short Range Superstar


If you are looking for a recovery run shoe or a daily shoe, you are not at the right place! This shoe is designed for fast training and racing. In my opinion, they are perfect for short track sessions and threshold to 5km. On the other hand, for competition they will excel at 5km or 10km and  you can push until half marathon if you like the direct feeling of running. However, I would not advise them for a marathon considering the rigidity and the firm midsole.


That being said, the rigidity and the firmness of the Takumi Sen 10 ensures you a great responsiveness and a very playful ride. adidas has created a fine pair of shoes!


30 years old

178cm (5’8″) – 63kg (139lbs)

Midfoot striker – Stride runner

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