TRE: Adidas 2024 Line Up – Going Supernova

After a huge focus on their road racing line with the women's world record in Berlin and 521 pairs of $500 shoes, what do they have for our daily tastes?

Adidas – Breaking records and bank balances

Locked in a perpetual duel with Nike on the roads and track, Adidas had some sweet victories in 2024. Berlin saw the women’s marathon world record smashed by Tigst Assefa in the hugely hyped and ultra exclusive Adios Pro Evo v1. They certainly won the media war even if they lost the men’s race to the Alphafly 3 and Eliuf Kipchoge. Whilst their race shoes have always been top of the pile, their daily shoes have left some people wanting.


What does the Adidas 2024 range have in store for us?

Adidas 2024 Adistar 3

Adidas’ rather heavyweight daily trainer gets a third iteration which promises to be lighter, softer and more exciting. With a big stack and a new geometry, this looks like a solid update.


Repetitor 2.0 Foam

40/50g lighter thatn the the version 2.

Release date: Second half of 2024

Release price: €130


The redesign comes with a new version of the Repetitor foam. Repetitor 2.0 promises to be softer and lighter than its predecessor. 

Adidas 2024 Adistar 3
Adidas 2024 Supernova Prima shoe of the year 2023

Adidas Supernova Prima

Created with high cadence, higher mileage runners in mind, the Supernova Prima brings the thickness. A huge slab og Dreamstrike + Foam cushions and protects the legs from pavement pounding.


Dreamstrike + Foam

Stack height: 38mm in the heel with a 6mm drop to 32mm in the forefoot.

Sample weight: 287g/10.1oz

Release date: Summer 2024

Release price: €170


None yet, it’s a whole new beast! Here’s the review of the Supernova Rise!

Adidas 2024 Supernova Solution

Another member of the Supernova line for 2024. Waiting on more details for this. They will follow soon!




None as it is a totally new product for Adidas 2024.

Adidas 2024 Supernova Solution


45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner


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