42 House – Much More Than a Training Centre

42 House sees Decathlon, through their Kiprun brand, creating a base for their athletes in the home of champions, Iten, Kenya. It will allow their runners a base to live, train and offer them the keys to long lasting success.

What is 42 House?

42 House is more than a training centre. It is where Kiprun will give their athletes amazing opportunities to work with their coaches, designers and engineers to remove any barriers to ultimate performance. They hope that with this opportunity, they will propel their athletes to the highest podiums at international meetings. Built in the Rift Valley, the home of the sacred red earth and the base of so many of the world’s most dominant distance runners. Firstly, it is named for the 42 kilometres a marathon runner will conquer.  Next, the designation “House” shows that it is more home than impersonal training camp.

42 House Intro
42 House Intro 2

The Basics

42 House will be home to a maximum of 22 athletes. Here, they will be able to work with coaches, a sporting director alongside an educational director and a cook. This ensures that they have the best opportunities in the sport and beyond. Moreover, the athletes will be housed in 11 beautiful rooms in the newly designed and built house with stunning views over the Rift Valley. Alongside living quarters, the athletes will have access to gyms and spaces for working on the mental side of running along with the physical. Furthermore, Kiprun are using 42 House to support their male and female athletes to a sustainable future. This will be done both within running and for their lives after their career through education and financial support.

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42 House Basics 2

Designed for the Future

Along with access to world class development teams and training, the 42 House looks to ensure that young athletes careers are built on a sustainable model. Firstly, education, advice and assistance with career management come together. Secondly, this creates the perfect environment to nurture young talent into experienced and successful professionals.


By breaking down barriers to success, Kiprun looks to give back to the athletes who give so much to the sport. Young Kenyan athletes who are living and training at 42 House will receive a monthly grant of 20,000 shillings (125 Euros). This is higher than the Kenyan average salary of 15,000. Above all, this will enable them to help support their families. Furthermore, athletes will pay 0% commission to agents or managers which ensures that they will be able to make the most of their earnings. 


All athletes will receive financial education, career support alongside the best medical and mental assistance that can be found. Accordingly, Kiprun will ensure that athletes receive media and communication training to enable them to build their profile and enable further success.

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42 House

Education is Key

Along with educating athletes, Kiprun and Decathlon will be partnering with 2 schools.  Simultaneously providing educational support for over 200 students per year. Doing this, Kiprun is building lasting links with the community and a brighter future for their careers. 


For more on 42 House and how it is offering great opportunities to athletes, keep watching our YouTube and Instagram channels over the coming days.



45 years old

173cm (5’8″) – 66kg (145lbs)

Forefoot striker – (Very) high cadence runner



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