361° Kairos 2 Review: Looking for Some Stability?

361°'s Kairos 2 is the mild stability shoe from the Chinese brand's line. A traditional shoe with a twist, how does it fit in the market?

361°: 1 Degree Beyond

Silke: 361° was founded in 2003 in China and moved towards the European market in 2016.


Currently, internet searches return very little information about the company or their shoes. They are not widely available online and where they are available, information about the shoe is scant. In my searches, the majority of the information I was able to find were automatically translated marketing pieces which made little sense. 361° say that the right place to get a great pair of running shoes is your local specialist running store while selling their shoes at Decathlon! 


The Kairos 2 is the second iteration of  361°’s mild stability line. In this version, It has gone through some significant changes i.e. a new platform geometry and a new midsole foam.

361 Kairos 2 (5 of 13)
361 Kairos 2 (10 of 13)


Stack and drop: 8mm drop, 34mm heel, 26 mm forefoot

Weight in women’s sample size: 270g 

Weight in men’s sample size 307g, 

For all those with wide feet or very narrow feet 361° offer a D and a 2E version of the Kairos 2.

361 Kairos 2 (8 of 13)
361 Kairos 2 (7 of 13)

361° Kairos 2 Upper: Traditional and Roomy

Silke: At first glance, the Kairos 2 looks very traditional.  A classic mesh upper, a plain lacing system,  a nicely padded collar and a lot of black rubber on the outsole! What is less traditional is the elfish heel flare that helps pulling on the shoe. Right out of the box, it smelled a bit plasticky, but that went after one day. Overall, the Kairos 2 offers a comfortable and accommodating fit. Up front, there is enough room in the toe box, maybe even a bit too much for my feet. On top, the upper is soft but not the most breathable. Across the top of the foot, the gusseted tongue is surprisingly not overly padded and works well. 


The fit overall feels very secure and the foot is held in place perfectly. An interesting fact is that most 361° running shoe models have 6 eyelets for the laces. Therefore,  the shoes wrap up your feet at a quite high position.

361 Kairos 2 (11 of 13)

Midsole: Stable but Uninspiring

Silke: Nearly all stability shoes achieve their aim – reducing the overpronation – by using two different foams or at least a stiffening overlay on the medial side.  


The Kairos 2 is therefore different from the rest. It is of course a model for mild overpronators. Underfoot, the wide platform and a renewed geometry create a stable feeling. Furthermore, the midsole positions the foot for better balance, reducing the risk of injury. Perfect for new to serious runners looking to improve their performance with a durable supportive daily trainer.

However, I found the Engage foam to not have a particularly lively feel. In fact, it feels a bit dead. Sadly, the Kairos 2 doesn’t make you want to pick up the pace or run 30k instead of your 5k loop but it works. It reduces the impact. As a positive, the gentle rocker helps when you are heel striking but also when you hit the ground with your midfoot.

361 Kairos 2 (4 of 13)
361 Kairos 2 (9 of 13)

361° Kairos 2 Outsole: A Classic Touch

Silke: If you like a classic outsole with black rubber (361°’s carbon rubber) all over, then the Kairos might be the shoe for you. The grip is excellent and there are enough flex grooves for a rolling ride on road and light trails. After my experiences, I assume the outsole will hold up for at least 1000 km.

361 Kairos 2 (3 of 13)
361 Kairos 2 (13 of 13)

361° Kairos 2 Conclusion: If Stability is Your Thing, It Works Well

Silke: I have used the Kairos for easy runs at around 6:00/km and distances from 3 to 14km. For me, the shoe works at that pace. However, when I tried to pick it up for some faster work, it felt a bit clunky and I really had to work hard to hold my pace. After about 40k, I stopped running with the Kairos 2.  Sadly, I have to admit that the stability of the Kairos doesn’t work with my footstrike. Everytime I used them my ankles began to hurt after about 5 to 6 km. As nearly all of my runs are longer than 10km, this wasn’t working for me. Aside from this,  I am a relatively lightweight runner and I can feel the weight of the Kairos during the run and my footstrike doesn’t get well with the overly prescriptive guidance offered by the Kairos 2.

So, if you need a new running shoe for your 3 to 10km runs. You are running on pavement or gravel, sometimes in the forest. You need a bit of stability and a bit more weight doesn’t bother you? Then you should consider the Kairos 2.  At a really reasonable price of €150 you will get a  long lasting outsole, a big slab of dampening midsole and a classic accommodating upper. If you are searching for a shoe for your mild overpronation but want a more lively feel,  have a look at the Saucony Tempus. Yes it comes at a higher price of €190 but it offers a responsive ride using a PWRRUN PB midsole and it weighs about 50g less.


49 years old

167cm (5’4″) – 55kg (121lbs)

Midfoot strike 


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